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Eggs, Eggs…boy I’ve got eggs!


It started with the babies….


They get lots of fresh air and outdoor pecking… 

They even get special ‘treats’. The kids love to feed them.


Now, we are blessed with lots of healthy eggs.Aren’t they beautiful! 

However, one can only eat or use so many eggs. I think I have 6 dozen as of this morning and am regularly getting 8 or 9 every day. I think I am going to try freezing some just to see how they do. Anyone need any eggs?

Today in my kitchen: 



It is cooling and scoby is awaiting the new brew!


Pita Bread waiting to rise


Chick Peas soaking for hummus and falafel… 

and in the background is my sourdough starter growing! 

This post appears to be a photo gallery, but this is my life today….Simply Basic!

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