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With all the information I have read about the benefits to a nutrient dense diet and grass-fed organ meat, I decided it was time to add it to our meal plans. We were fortunate to find a local source for some good, grass-fed beef and on the day of slaughter my husband and I went to the farm to help bag up the organ meat. He was a good sport about the whole thing and I was secretly hoping that by being ‘up close and personal’ with all the organs he may consider actually eating some of it. Four cows were slaughtered right at the farm and we washed and bagged up kidneys, hearts, tongues, and livers. I wanted to bring home a tongue, but that wasn’t gonna fly, however I did bring home about 3 lbs of liver and a 3 1/2 lb heart. Of course NOW he said maybe we should have gotten a tongue too! Oi…I should’ve just done it…..

I haven’t cooked any of the liver yet, mainly because I get a groan whenever I mention the possibility of eating some of it. Then there is the heart – and it is a big one! It sat in the refrigerator for a couple of days and I honestly didn’t know what to do with it. DH was having a real issue with it staring at him every time he opened the fridge, so I put it in the freezer.

Then, today I read about adding beef heart to ground beef. Just grate 1/4 lb of heart and mix with a pound of ground beef. Do you realize how hard it is to hold a frozen, 3 1/2 lb object and grate it! Especially when you are trying to be a bit sneaky about it…

So, tonight we are having Hamburger Sliders with the secret ingredient!

I’ll let you know how they are!


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