Meal Plan Monday

Today begins our NO GRAIN meals and snacks. In addition to eating Real Foods, me mostly eating gluten free, going caffeine free (almost) and now going grain free…..geesh, what’s left?  This latest ‘free’ choice is an attempt to help control and try to reverse my husband’s diabetes. After reading and researching diabetic issues it appears that what the medical professionals and the FDA Food Pyramid DON’T tell you is that by eliminating grains, no meats with nitrites/nitrates, avoiding artificial sweeteners and not eating too much fruit will help to reverse diabetes. Is hubby ready?? We’ll see…..

So in order to make this work, I needed to begin planning our first week of meals and needed to do this with what we have in the freezer and pantry. I focused on dinners, but have also planned some snack items as well.

Monday – Pepper Steak w/wine sauce, Brussel Sprouts, Mushrooms, Green Salad

Tuesday – Pinto Bean Chili w/ground turkey, Green Salad w/Creamy Kefir Ranch

Wedsnesday – Crockpot Roast w/onions, celery, & carrots, Mock Mashed Potatoes (made with cauliflower!)

Thursday – Mexican Chicken Breasts w/ cilantro pesto, black beans, guacamole

Friday – Salmon Patties, Green Salad, Acorn Squash

Saturday – Veggie Frittata, Green Salad w/sundried tomato vinaigrette

Sunday – Left over pot luck   ; )

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