First Week Completed

It is now day 7 of the 28 day real food challenge and reflecting back on the week has made me realize that I have been doing pretty good. Processed foods haven’t been in my kitchen for quite some time now, so I didn’t have an issue with this portion of the challenge.  The hardest part was the white flour (unbleached).  I have never had a lot of success with whole wheat flour so I am anxious to see how to do away with the white flour and still make baked foods taste good.  I was a little intimidated about soaking my wheat, but today when I rinsed the kernels I was so excited to see the little sprouts! I actually used some in our pancakes this morning and I think they were the best pancakes we have eaten (and they were ‘flour free”).  Now I have to figure out if I will be able to dry the sprouted wheat in my dehydrator.

I have the full support of my husband and our ‘new’ way of eating.  All the things sitting around the kitchen – soaking wheat, sourdough starter, kombucha brewing – has been pretty comical and made him proceed with caution.  I feel a bit like a ‘mad scientist’ and my brother in law said it was all my witches brew!  The biggest challenge for my husband has been that he can’t just go into the kitchen and grab something easily. Snacks take more thought than just opening a bag of chips or crackers. However, I did make some sourdough whole wheat crackers that were an instant hit. (I was ahead of the challenge this week and already had sourdough starter made).  These crackers were so good that I will be making more tomorrow.

I tried to incorporate whole grains into various meals. I made soaked brown rice and grass-fed beef that we enjoyed for two of our dinners, baked oatmeal with soaked oats for a healthy breakfast and my sprouted wheat for pancakes.

Moving forward I really want to start fermenting some vegetables.

I am looking forward to the day that preparing and eating ‘real food’ will become second nature.



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2 responses to “First Week Completed

  1. Snacks have been a little challenging at my house too. Your sourdough whole wheat crackers sound wonderful though! Any chance you’ll be sharing that recipe soon?

  2. The longer you are doing this, the more you will find for ‘snacks’. I often snack on cheese, fruit, homemade crackers, a couple different ‘sweets’ that I make, veggies and kefir cheese dip, ect… I always have ready to eat food available. Good Job!

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