Day #1: Clean out the Pantry

This morning I received my first email instruction for the beginning of the 28 Day Real Food Challenge. I felt pretty confident with this step – I keep healthy foods, or so I thought. Well it wasn’t too bad, but I did have to remove more than I thought was in there. It actually was a good time to clean out the cupboards since some of my shelves are so high up that I can’t see what’s on them anyway. Well needless to say, I found some  old stuff that was outdated.

 This is the big Costco shopping bag of the purged items

 Here is what I cleared out:

  • Marshmellows – these were there actually because I used them in a craft project before Christmas.
  • Jar of Marshmellow Creme – I think this has been in there going on 2 years. Think it was for fudge or something….obviously didn’t need this one!
  • 3 boxes pasta – one box was whole wheat noodles (and I thought I was doing so good…) looks like the macaroni will make great kid crafts!
  • Box of instant milk (I knew this was bad, but just didn’t want to throw it out)
  • Soy nuts (GMO’s anyone! lol)
  • 3 pudding mixes – sugar free and regular sugar varieties (all outdated!)
  • 4 jello mixes – sugar free and regular sugar varieties
  • 1 box Jiffy chocolate cake mix – I don’t even remember why this was in here
  • 2 boxes Melba toasts
  • 1 jar ‘powdered’ peanut butter – this from when I was on a “healthy” weight loss program!
  • Bottle of Corn Oil
  • Organic Agave Nectar (I am undecided on this one, there is good and bad press regarding this product, but will go along with the challenge on this one)
  • Non Dairy Creamer – used in Hot Chocolate mix 2 Christmas’ ago for gifts…
  • 2 cans tomato soup, 1 can cream of mushroom soup, low fat of course! ; ) , 1 can lentil soup


Even though it looks like I had a lot of BAD stuff in there, I actually have much more ‘legal’ foods. I have the healthy oils (olive oil, coconut oil), raw cider vinegar, dried beans, brown rice, wheat berries, barley, raw honey, real maple syrup, tons of spices and sea salt, crispy nuts (pecans and almonds), homemade sourdough crackers, assorted teas, whole wheat flour, oats, organic corn meal.  As for the cream of chemical soup, I have been making my own version for a while now (this was just a straggler from the past) and it really tastes so much better and isn’t that much harder than opening a can.








I looked through the refrigerator (no picture because it really doesn’t look very appealing) and really didn’t find anything to move out. No skim or lowfat dairy lives here. I do not have ‘raw’ milk currently (cost prohibitive at the moment) but the dairy I do have is whole, organic milks and plain yogurt, real butter both regular and some grass fed, some Kombucha and miscellaneous vegetables. I have a few ‘husband’ friendly items that I will not be removing. He is supportive of the real food goals to a point, but it will take a bit more time with him. I feel that if the majority of our meals and snacks are made healthy that a few less than ideal items will just have to have a place here as well. The freezer has some grass-fed hamburger amd a few chicken breasts.

In addition to the clearing of these things today, I also made a batch of chicken stock and kombucha. Not too bad for day #1 except I think I fail the extra credit : (    and I thought I was doing so well, but I have a few items that boast more than one ingredient: tuna (water, salt), diced green chiles (salt, calcium chloride, citric acid), pineapple chunks (pineapple juice and clarified pineapple juice from concentrate, water, clarified pineapple juice concentrate<they add this twice ??>)

Looking forward to Day #2.



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2 responses to “Day #1: Clean out the Pantry

  1. I have just joined (late) the 28 Day Real Food Challenge too. I have to say- I am awed by your cabinets! I don’t know that I’ll be posting pics of mine after the purge.

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