Mentally Planning….

Now that the holidays are behind us and the hopes of this new year are looming in front of us, I am focusing on lots of things and nothing at the same time. Too much to think about and maybe too grand of ideas. There are so many things to think about and try to implement in our daily life.  My mind is so full of plans – whether it is ‘Real Food’, going green (or greener), self-sustainability, reading, researching… list is endless. I have such good intentions and on a daily basis am pretty good with the foods we eat and reducing waste – whether it’s trash or electricity.

What I have been doing lately is  reading – (I love my Kindle!) Latest books: Food Rules by Michael Pollan, Living like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-Friendy Life by Ed Begley, Jr., and just for fun – Under the Dome by Stephen King (I have to give myself a break from reality once in a while).  I love to read, but I personally don’t enjoy going to the library. I like having the books, since most of my reading is of topics that I refer back to over and over, so if I use library books that have to be returned this just doesn’t work for me. So in my effort to reduce and conserve, my Kindle is the way to go.  It saves money since the highest price new releases are just $9.99 and most are $5 or $6 and I’m not killing a tree. The upfront cost was a bit steep, but technology won me over. I do miss actually “turning” pages and it has taken some getting used to, but I love it!

With so many plans (in my head) I need to step back and maybe focus on one thing at a time. We’ll see how things progress and I can maybe track my changes and growth in all the areas I feel are important.  I need to write my plans instead of thinking my plans. Maybe this will help me implement them….we’ll see.


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